Warehouse 31 Unleashed Haunted Attraction

4 Haunted Houses in One Location!

This traveling circus used to bring family and friends together for nights of fun and festivities.... until Boss Bobo took over. Now, it's a traveling circus of deranged clowns!

The Swamp takes you through a cheap tourist voodoo shop and out into a very backwater swamp, full of things that go bump in the night. Will you make it out in one piece?

Mr. Tasty’s Meat Factory was one of the leading brands of meat products for grocery stores and fast food places across America, until they were shut down over night in the early 1900’s. But why?

Every few centuries, The Fear Lab appears on Earth and adds one of the most brilliant and twisted minds of the age to its ranks... But for what purpose? Allow Surgeon Slaughter to lead you through The Fear Lab and show you why.


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