Best Haunted House in North Florida!!!!

Warehouse 31 Unleashed is a walk-through dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and scary creatures .

Very scary!! We went on the last day which was a blackout meaning we had to walk through the entire haunt with nothing more than a glow stick! I was terrified! It was better than Halloween horror nights!

Margarita Honeydew

What else can I say? I will frequent Warehouse31 as much as I can for as long as they continue to offer such a quality haunt. The actors are amazing. The makeup and scenes are amazing. The animatronics are well placed. They pulse you through too, no conga line business. I am so grateful that we have such a high quality haunt right here in JAX.

David Jones

One of the best haunted houses I’ve been to. They keep your group small so the actors can focus on you. All the costumes and sets are on point. Great job. I’ll be back!

Randy Groesbeck II

I Already can’t wait for this Halloween season! Will definitely be back at warehouse 31! I love when the scare actors really interact with you. The scare actors on the outside do a great job of getting you ready to go into the houses! Can’t wait!

Kaylee Baity

First time going here, went with fiance and it was so much fun! Everyone there was super nice and the whole place was huge. The actors’ makeup was great and they were more interactive than other haunted house attractions. Shout-out to the man at the end of Mr. Tasty’s, you were hilarious. It also was not a conga line so you were more alone and immersed. It was not just loud noises and you actually can a little lost in there. Definitely recommend a fast pass. The actors outside the warehouse are super friendly, they’ll let you take pics. We also met the man behind germ spider designs who made some creepy props you’ll see in line, he was super cool.

Derek Yan

Absolutely awesome! You truly get each house to yourself- they don’t shuffle you through, like you experience in theme parks. You get to go at your own pace and have the scare actors only focus on you. The mazes/props/sets are high quality and thoroughly put together- looks great. Worth every penny- thank you for such an awesome experience. This place is legit for haunted houses. We will be coming back for every event they put on!

Melody Choate

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